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So before my errand running begins (hello people watching at Walmart!) I shall now post my hits and misses for round 2:


  • Louisville vs. Siena:  WTF, Ohio State!?  I finally picked you to win something and you let me down!  I feel like a pre season football pollster.  Yep, thats exactly how they feel.  Every year.  So anyway, Siena makes it further into the tournament.  ESPN is currently playing an extremely cheesy highlight video to the tune "One Shining Moment" and the velveeta is oozing off the screen.  Siena had their one shining moment already.  I have Louisville going to the Finals so this one is a no brainer.  Go Cards.
  • Arizona vs. Cleveland State:  Not only did Cleveland beat Wake Forest, they trounced them.  The WASPs were too busy making sure their argyle and cashmere sweater sets didn’t get mussed.  So Cleveland State is playing Arizona.  Wow.  I now have the Drew Carey show song playing in my head (don’t ask me why I even know this since I hated that show) "Cleveland Rocks!"  It should be "Cleveland Rocked" because they have the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame there and its all about people who were great.  Cleveland WAS great.  Arizona will kill them.  It doesn’t matter for me because I had Wake Forest playing in this game and moving into the Sweet 16.  Damnit.
  • Dayton vs. Kansas:  Apparently the Dayton boys were not intimidated by the West Virginny Hillbillies as I predicted.  They must have seen "Deliverance" and decided to come packin’ heat.  So now Dayton gets to play Kansas.  I’ve gotta tell ya, I didn’t see this one coming either.  The little schools from Ohio win and the BIG school from Ohio is already on the bus home?!  Its the Buckeye version of David vs. Goliath on the hardwoods.  Anyway, David runs into a big ass giant here and gets squashed.  No need to pontificate or get further into it.  Kansas wins.  I have them in the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8!
  • USC vs. Michigan State:  #@$%^&*~!!!  This is the one Second Round game I didn’t get a team right in.  What the hell, BC?!  You were supposed to beat USC!  I am so tired of them winning at everything!  ARGH!  And Bob Morris?!  Come on.  You were my big upset pick!  I hate Michigan State.  For some reason that school just gets on my last damn nerve.  That and I dated a jerk from there…but anyway!  To add insult to injury I had BC winning this game and moving onto the Sweet 16 to play Kansas.  THEN losing to Kansas.  So Its USC vs. Michigan State.  Not that it matters but I’ll have to cheer for the Trojans in this one.  Maybe Mark Sanchez will be on the sidelines?  That will motivate me!


  • UConn vs. Texas A&M:  Whoot!  I got this one right!  :::chair dancing:::  The Aggies didn’t let me down and took out the Mormons.  No offense to my Mormon friends out there, but not a single Utah school made it into the 2nd round.  Whats up with that??  Utah, Utah State, and BYU all got beat.  Damn.  Those bubble schools that didn’t make it into the tournament are pointing out a flaw in the entry process.  Methinks someone on the selection committee enjoys "Big Love" a little too much?  Anyway, back to the real game!  The Aggies will play well in this game, but the Utah State Aggies have already passed the curse.  UConn wins!  I also have the Huskies going to the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8…  Don’t let me down, you Martha Stewart loving preppies!  
  • Purdue vs. Washington:  Well crap, Mississippi State did NOT represent.  The SEC has one team left in the tourney after the first round.  Its up to LSU and our teams in the NIT this year.  And the LADIES!  Don’t forget our ladies are kickin’ ASS over on the women’s side of things and if Auburn makes it to the finals, Miss YankeeSouth and Alex P. Cheatin’ are planning to go see them in MSG!  NYC Bro, you’re on notice to represent the SEC if any of our ladies make it.  UGA is in the tourney right now too (and losing to Arizona State, ouch…come on Lady Bulldogs!).  Anyway, back to the mens.  Purdue vs. Washington.  Frankly, I didn’t have either team winning this game…I had Mississippi State going to the Sweet 16.  This teaches me to choose the ugly redheaded stepchild of the SEC to make it this far in the tournament, but I would have lost my SEC fan card had I not picked the SEC champion.  Anyway, I think Washington will probably win this one.  If Miss State had to lose, I’m at least going to cheer for the team that beat them.  
  • Marquette vs. Mizzou:  Well, lookie who won the holy war!  How you doin’ Marquette?  I had picked Utah State in the upset so whats up?  Where’s the holy underwear love?  :::my Mormon friends are literally throwing things at me through the computer monitors, I’m expecting a lecture.  Sorry y’all, its too funny NOT to bring it up.:::  Anyway, the Missouri TIGERS will win this one since Marquette is good but not THAT good.  The Pope is watching, which makes the Western Catholics VERY nervous…thus they lose.  Anway, the Mizzou Tigers seem like fun party people, even though Pequena Hermana swears Missouri should be pronounced Misery.  I have Mizzou in the Sweet 16, so don’t let me down Tigers!!
  • Maryland vs. Memphis:  Ok, ok…Dirty Girl is vindicated.  Maryland won, even though I didn’t pick them.  Now go put some Old Bay on something.  :::Auburn Sis just threw up a little in her mouth, she HATES Old Bay.  She used to complain about it all the time when she and Mr. ECU lived in Baltimore.  She said they even had Old Bay BAGELS.  LOL!:::  Anyway, Maryland is going to get pwnd in this game by Memphis.  Do y’all know Memphis has a 23 year old SOPHOMORE on their team?  Apparently the dude got rejected for grades and other such nonsense… One Junior College, 2 prep schools, and 3 attempts to play for Division 1 schools.  Boys and girls, here’s the poster child for get your shit together in high school so you can get INTO the schools you actually want to play for.  Ironic this is coming from the SEC girl, where our schools constantly recruit JUCO transfers…  Hehehe.  Anyway, this isn’t about me, its about Memphis…who I have making it all the way to the Final 4!


  • Pitt vs. Oklahoma State:  Way to go Tennessee.  I knew I should have known better but I was hoping the magic of Pat Summit and her Lady Vols would rub off a little.  I will always cheer for the SEC but man.  No love for UT.  Anyway, Pitt is going to kick the Cowboys ass.  They should be used to this since Oklahoma State is really good about getting to almost there but never QUITE good enough.  I’ve got Pitt in the Final 4 so there ya go.
  • Wisconsin vs. Xavier:  Yey me!  This is where my picks started going well.  Of course…in the East and the South.  Where my peeps are!  Anyway, Wisconsin’s bear claw loving beer drinking hard partying ways will go DOWN against Professor Xavier and his amazing X-Men.  Seriously, I don’t know why they let mutants play in the tournament.  Its just not fair.
  • UCLA vs. Villanova:  NOVA!  NOVA!  Yey!  I know what Alex P. Cheatin’ and Miss YankeeSouth are doing right now!  They are watching this game, just like I am!  Of course I’ve got NOVA winning this game, and the next one too!  They are kicking ass right now.  And really, why is it that UCLA wears baby blue and I think they look girlie but I have no issues with the shade of blue that the Tarheels wear?  I think its just their uniform design.  My inner fashionista is curious about my mental bias here…
  • TexASS and Duke:  You know, I might have swapped my picks before this game had I heard about Coach K’s douche bag comments about President Obama not choosing Duke to win.  I know you’re competitive and all, but your school hasn’t exactly been winning the tournament lately.  Are ya more pissed that he picked UNC to win or that he didn’t pick you to make it to the Final 4?  Anyway, Duke is going to win this game because now they have something to PROVE.  The school around the corner (literally) is being picked by many (including me, The Prez, Nerds, and Mr. UGA) to win it all…even with a bad big toe.  TexASS will have a good run but will be back on the plane to Texas, just like the Aggies will.  Texas is a football state, not a basketball state.  


  • UNC vs. LSU:  Yey!  ONE SEC team made it to the 2nd round.  Too bad they now have to play the eventual champion so they won’t make it to the Sweet 16.  Sucks to be you, LSU!  Hey, at least  you’re going to lose to the eventual champions…who I have picked to win it all.  So really, its sort of a win, win situation right now.  If the Tarheels win, yey for my brackets.  If the LSU Tigahs win, YEY for the SEC.  
  • Western Kentucky vs. Gonzaga:  YEY upset!  I picked this one and I was right!  Holy?!  Did anyone really think the Akron Zips (formerly the Zippers…no really.  Zippers.  As in the devices that keep your pants from falling down.  WHY did I not research this before the other night?  Oh yeah, because its AKRON and no one really cares.  There was a sign at this game that said, "I’d rather be a Zip than a Zag."  FAIL.)  Yey big red blobby mascot thingamabobs.  WKU will be so excited they made it to the 2nd round and will start referring to themselves as the Cinderella team.  Cleveland State, also declaring themselves the Cinderella team, will be offended and challenge them to a dance off on YouTube.  Gonzaga, who has been the Cinderella team so many times already they have the pretty pretty pink princess dresses and matching tiaras, will march out on the to court in their glittery chiffon and crenolines and whoop some Kentucky tail.  Sorry Mermaid Girl.
  • Arizona State vs. Syracuse:  So we have the upstate New York Orangemen vs. the Arizona State Sun Devils.  Anyone honestly think that some boys from Tempe, Arizona are going to be able to go up against some true bad boys from New Yawk?  Yeah, me neither.  Chexican, I love you girl (and enjoy the new job, I hope you love kimchee!) but I’m going with the Yankees on this one.  And in the next one.  All the way to the Elite 8! 
  • Michigan vs. Oklahoma:  Woops, sorry Clemson!  Looks like referring to you as "Auburn with a Lake" also shared our curse.  Apologies to the ugly version of our colors.  I didn’t watch this one because their colors offend my eyes.  Purple and Orange don’t even look good on Halloween, when some people try to throw them together.  Its just wrong.  Anway, Michigan is playing Oklahoma and the only thing Michigan has going for it is that its effing cold up there right now in Ann Arbor.  However, the Sooners can give two shits about the cold because they are from Oklahoma and there isn’t much to do there but play basketball in the winter.  So Oklahoma wins and their cheerleaders sing, "I’m just a girl who can’t say noooo!" loudly. 

So there’s my picks, misses, and disses from the previous round and this one.  Hope y’all have had fun reading.  I’ve had fun keeping up with it.  I’m also very proud of my Tigers in the NIT and especially our Lady Tigers who are kicking ASS and taking names in the Womens NCAA tourney. The Lady Tigers ANNIHILATED Lehigh 85-49.  Go Ladies!!!!!!  WAR DAMN EAGLE!

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