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So I kept an eye on the news today, prepared for at least one story on CNN.com (you know, the "liberal news network") about the potential censorship going on over at Amazon.  I had to dig for it.  Do a search?  Wow, Twitter explodes and the Amazon customer service email inboxes actually exceeded their size limits but no major news coverage. 

So the updates are here:

So bravo to the Twitter-verse for rising up against what was perceived discrimination.  Amazon.com has backpedaled out of the frying pan and hopefully won’t land in the fire (although this doesn’t explain how some of the authors who spotted this had said they’d been seeing issues since February?).  As an IT geek, I do understand that sometimes you can have a "bug" that turns into something nasty down stream but guess what folks, that was TESTING is for.  So seriously Amazon, Get Your Shiz Together.  GYST, Amazon.  GYST.  

What did I learn from this?  I’m going to be a little more discriminating against the Twitter waves of angsty rage…however I did do my research yesterday and this story had legs…and credibility.  Albeit the conspiracy theories behind it didn’t seem to have merit.  Yet the groups that are often discriminated against will have watch dogs for this type of thing and will call you on your shiz faster than Amazon can say, "Ham-fisted mistake".  

I’m still going to be ordering my books from Borders or Barnes and Noble for now.  I’m really also trying to support my local used bookstore because I’m supposed to be trying to save money anyway…