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Last week’s episode of "True Blood" was so incredibly good, y’all.  I still maintain the books are vastly superior, however I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I love about 90% of the changes they are making – mainly when they expand the character arcs for bit players from the books, like Hoyt and the completely invented and awesome Jessica (although her being seventeen still squicks me out – she is still technically a minor, fangs or no fangs – And Hoyt is 28?  Creepy factor rules apply here…28 / 2 + 7 = she should at least be 21!!  And forever a virgin?  That is a fate worse than death).  However moderating the boards this season has been very trying on my patience.  More new fanatical posters who don’t know how to mind their manners, read the rules, or treat others with respect.  So flippin’ annoying.  So as much as I love me some "True Blood", I’m going to be relieved when this season is OVER.  Thank God Charlaine gave us warning before this last episode came up.  I suggested one of the board members set up a Meebo chat room for them to all go crazy in when there was Eric nekkid-ness.  It was like the calm before the storm during the episode.  People were private messaging me on the site to comment about how blessedly quiet it was.  And then the episode ended…  Bleh.  Let the SQUEE-ING begin.  Yes, I thought there was definite chemistry between Eric and Sookie and yes, Bill has gotten VERY annoying this season…all angsty and stupid things like running into a church full of Fellowship of the Sun fanatics yelling, "SOOKIE!!!" with no plan.  Although he and Sookie are a matched set.  Last season it was Sookie’s turn to act like she was too stupid to live.  You know who I want more of?  Pam??  I NEED MORE PAM.  And MaryAnn has been quite annoying, although I would KILL for her wardrobe.  She is fabulous, y’all.  But her arc is getting stale.  Like I said…"Kill MaryAnn!  SAVE her wardrobe!!"  And maybe save Eggs…he dies in the books…but seriously, those abs are worth saving.  :::Alex P. Cheatin’ wants me to write a book about my years as a Mod.  I do have great stories that I can’t post…for now.  Stay tuned.  I’m constantly surprised by the idiocy of people out there.:::

And seriously y’all…if one more person asks if Sookie can have a vampire baby, I may throw something.  Thanks a lot Stephenie Meyer.  Your squick-worthy hybrid vampire baby spawned fanfic galore.  That alone will be entertainment at D*C. 

I still can’t believe its almost the end of Season 2…Dragon*Con is in less than 2 weeks…AND college football season is about to start…wow.  Where did my summer go? 

Puppy Update:  Shug is officially 26.5 pounds.  He’s responding ok to the meds – his coughing/wheezing/asthma style fits are much less now.  He’s only had two today and they were both minor.  He’s also eating again.  I performed an experiment yesterday and served him all of his foods in separate bowls to see what he would eat.  He wouldn’t TOUCH his wet food.  I opened 3 cans…and it all smelled bad.  Then I researched online and found out there were even more concerns about the manufacturer than I’d known about (Nutro Max – bad reviews y’all!) so I bought him a can of the Wellness Puppy to see if he’d like that.  It got 5 stars on the dog food review site and I can get it at Pet Supermarket and Petco.  I have NEVER seen him eat his food so fast.  I think we have a winner!!  HUZZAH.  The old food does smell rancid.  I think it may go in the garbage. 

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